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Canvas In Graduate Medical Education?

Question asked by Employee on Oct 2, 2015
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I am curious to know if Canvas has gotten any traction in grad med ed. I know it is widely used in UME, but I am not familiar with its use in GME.

- Residency

- Fellowships

- Continuing ed (re Grand Rounds and CME)


For example - When I worked at a medical school 5+ years ago, I worked with the chief residents in Internal Medicine to build out a Blackboard course to house all their articles that went along with required lectures; articles and notes for journal club; and collections of resident-generated PPTs from the weekly presentations. I also worked with the Cardiology fellowship to set up a system to do lecture capture of all weekly meetings so that those who were in surgery or on-call could watch the lectures or meetings afterwards in Blackboard. The Cardiology coordinator started putting all the schedules into Blackboard, too, and site information for affiliate hospitals which was helpful for first year fellows who had not done residency at our med school.


Are you using Canvas in grad med ed? If so, how? And do you give fellows or residents custom permissions to control their own content? How do you manage visiting faculty, fellows (ie people "not in the system")?


If you would be willing to share, please do!