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Survey question "Check all that apply"?

Question asked by Jill Nissen on Oct 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by Barbara Mikulecky

I want to give students a list of possible study strategies that they may have used in preparing for their exam, and ask them to "Check all that apply". Is there a way to do this in Canvas?


Which of the following methods did you use to study for the test? (check all that apply)

Reading textbook sections for the first time

Re-reading textbook sections

Reading over the Exam 1 Study Sheet

Writing out answers to the Exam 1 Study Sheet questions

Making Flash Cards or formulating your own multiple choice questions

Reviewing or re-taking chapter quizzes

Utilizing MindTap study materials (concept check questions, flash cards, etc.)

Seeking help and discussing questions with your professor or a tutor

Studying with a partner or group