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How can I see an overview of progress in modules by all students in a course?

Question asked by Jaap Stelpstra on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by Jaap Stelpstra

We have a self paced online course containing modules which students need to complete in a sequential order.

Every now and then I want to get an overview of all students are progressing.


This guide How do I use modules to view the progress of students in a course? explains how to view student progress in modules, only per individual student.

But I need an overview of how all students in a course are progressing through all modules, this would require a lot of clicking an copy-pasting.


I found this great idea, which is still open for voting: View the progress of the whole class by Rosalie Ledda


In the mean time, ideas of workarounds are very welcome!

If this is not (yet) possible through the Canvas interface, how would I get this data from the API?

Please do leave your suggestions and vote on the idea if you think a report like this is useful.