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nth root

Question asked by Stephanie Geer on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by Stefanie Sanders

The "nth" root in equation builder is quite a pain. I work for an instructor and I type her classes into Canvas. Nth root has a programming error. I have emailed about the problem and I was told to post in the forum for review. Here is my post. The programming for nth root is in need of change. Here is the problem:


I type: third root of 26.

Html:  [3]{26}


At the end of my problem I have an option to "enter" answer #3. This being from [3] which actually belongs to my third root. I have been fixing this myself by replacing [ ] with { } everytime. However, this is becoming quite tedious today after 23 equations in a row. I hope this discussion thread helps.