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Hi All,

My organization (a national non-profit that develops school leaders through professional development programs) is looking to extend the Canvas experience by using LTIs. We would LOVE your feedback regarding the LTIs you have used and your experience with them. Our interests fall into the following categories:


1. Online Grading with Rubrics - unfortunately, Canvas rubrics do not meet all of our rubric grading needs. We are looking for LTIs that provide outcome assessment and rubric scoring, and are less "number-centric" in their scoring, as our programs do not focus on grades, but progress to goals. Have you had experience with this type of functionality, perhaps using:





2. Surveys - we rely heavily on surveys and are Qualtrics users. However, we'd love to know if you've used the What Do You Think? course evaluation and survey system (and what did you think of it?).


3. Video Recording and Management - Our program participants occasionally record videos of themselves and submit them as assignments. Have you used any of the following?







4. Communications - Many of our course leaders are avid Adobe Connect/Classroom users. Do you have any experience using the Adobe Connect LTI? What has your experience been?


Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Jennifer Kolodner

New Leaders