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Change percentage to points in Grades after assignment has submissions.

Question asked by Heidi Dickens on Oct 9, 2015
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(sent to me by a faculty member)

I’ve run into a glitch in the gradebook that I’m hoping you can help with.  Here’s what happened.

I set up an assignment for 24 points, but I inadvertently clicked on Percentage rather than Points in the “Display Grade as” section.

So, when entering points on the assignment, it has been taking the points awarded, and taking that percentage of 24 and entering it into the gradebook, which as you would expect is causing some consternation to the students.

So, I went back and edited the assignment and set it to display the grade as points – but there was no change.

I then thought that perhaps since the assignment due date was past, it was locked in some way, so I changed the due date until tomorrow, set it up as Display Grade as Points – still no change.

And . . .that’s as much as I could think of that I could do to set it up the way I intended.

I welcome any help you can provide to get the gradebook to show points correctly.