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.html file student submission causes browser to crash

Question asked by Annalise Pfaff on Oct 9, 2015
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A student submitted a .html file for one of his assignments.  When I or another TA try to open it in the SpeedGrader, it causes the browser (Chrome) to crash.  Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with .html file submissions. If so, how did you remedy the issue?


When someone is already in SpeedGrader and navigating through student submissions via the arrow next to the student list, if the next student has submitted a .html file, the browser will crash.  I can ask students to submit in a different file type, but I am more concerned about the disruptive nature of these submissions. If students figure out that submitting a .html file interrupts grading significantly, this could be very inconvenient for the other instructors and TAs.