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Feasibility of Doing a Writing Portfolio in Canvas

Question asked by George Harris on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by George Harris

Hi All-As a high school Creative Writing teacher, I have always had my students present and turn in a portfolio featuring about 15 of their best finished pieces as a culminating project for the course. In the past I have had them create and turn in hard-copy "scrapbook-style" portfolios, which were often stunning, and many took them home as a long-term keepsake.


However, now that I'm moving most of my content to Canvas, I am also looking for electronic/online portfolio options. Though I have looked at, wordpress, weebly, and other possibilities, I am also wondering if submitting a portfolio with all those individual written pieces copied and pasted into a .pdf GoogleDoc as an online submission might work. One advantage of course is that I could add a rubric to breeze through them and make comments in speedgrader.


I suppose they wouldn't have the free-ranging functionality of a true online platform and its ability to embed pics and videos, hyperlinks, etc. At any rate, has anyone done something like this? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks-Aaron