Top Two Feature Ideas/Issues/Bugs for Mobile

Discussion created by Administrator on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Mary Ann Apple

In The specified item was not found., the top ten voter getters that are also tagged with mobile are:

  1. Option to Use Stylus with Speedgrader on Ipad (80)
  2. Integrate Polls for Canvas Mobile App with Desktop Version of Canvas (76)
  3. Accept course invites in mobile app (75)
  4. Student assignment annotation on mobile (42)
  5. Gradebook in the iPad App (42)
  6. Integrate Canvas Polls with Gradebook (41)
  7. Allow Annotation of PDF Documents Directly In The Canvas App (37)
  8. Download materials in Canvas Mobile App (34)
  9. Make messages/announcements fully readable in text messages (a la Remind 101) (34)
  10. Student Access Scheduler from Canvas app (32)


In your opinion what are the two most important mobile-related feature idea, bugs, weaknesses, etc?


What other ideas in the community should be tagged for Mobile?


Thanks in advance