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Having a better way to "see" badges...

Question asked by Stephen Haggerty on Oct 13, 2015

Hello, all.

It sure would be nice if the attendance badges showed on the screen instead of having to click on the "more button".  Right now, I have a separate piece of paper I use to remind me when students do something to require a badge.  In other words, unless you remember who gets what comment or badge, nothing is there on a specific attendance date to show badges.  I'd like to be able to see the badges show up when looking at the date and the students.


Also, is there a place where the badges could be compiled at some level so at the mid point of a semester/end of the semester so we could see the breakdown of badges/notes for a section and for an individual?


Maybe there are answers to both of these questions; I have just started using Canvas this fall term, so any advice is much appreciated.  Ultimately, I am trying to figure out how to know (remember, see, etc.) when I apply a badge to a student for say, being late, or having an excuse easily.  Thanks!



University of Kentucky