David Numme

Use of Wearables to Enhance the Student Educational Experience

Discussion created by David Numme on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by Kelley L. Meeusen

Something I am thinking increasingly about is how to use wearables to enhance the student educational experience. The projected growth rate is stunning: by 2019, they are expected to have a five year compounded projected annual growth rate of over 45%. While I and many others are patiently waiting for Instructure to release their Apple Watch app, I know from my MBA studies at a school that uses Blackboard, that BB already has an app. I like the fact that I get notifications on my Apple Watch of announcements and when an assignment has been graded. I dream of the day when I can better utilize it in my studies to better interact with fellow students.


My questions:

* How are others using wearables to enhance the student educational experience?

* Has anybody found a way to make polling or brief quizzes work on wearables? I did some brief searching and couldn't find a way to do it.


I'd enjoy hearing others big picture thoughts on this.