Using assignment submission for in-class small group work (giant lecture halls)

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We're at a very large public research university. Class sizes can be 300- 440 students. I had an instructor ask me the following question:

Is there a way for students to work together in small groups on an assignment, submit an answer or response electronically,
and then me be able to display the results to the whole class to go over it?

And it occurs to me that an in-class assignment submission, combined with hiding student names in speed grader, would work well for this.


It can be difficult for instructors to engage students in group work in very large lectures. But if students know they need to submit an answer (can be a photo of a diagram or equation, or text), they will get to work AND ask for help from the instructor and TAs who are walking around.

After the submission window has closed, the instructor can open speedgrader, hide student names, and show the grading window on the big screen. The class can discuss examples.

There could even be some peer grading that goes on after a couple of examples have been discussed, or after class.


I've marked this as a discussion rather than a question, because I'd mostly love to hear about cool examples of how instructors have used Canvas during class to stimulate group work.