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Pastoral/Year Group "Courses"

Question asked by Denise Lombardo on Oct 19, 2015
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We are a high school in Sydney and have recently moved across from a moodle set-up to Canvas. On our moodle site, we had separate sections for overall Year Groups as well - ie, a space for Year Coordinators to communicate with the whole year group re important dates, meetings, reminders, etc. This is not a course in the sense of learning, but a communication space where permission notes and other documents pertaining to the year group as a whole could be shared. We were wondering if anyone out there has set up similar "courses" within Canvas for purposes other than teaching and learning, and if so, could we get a peek via Commons or other ways? I should also have a look at the K-12 group, but I did a search for a range of different related terms in the overall community site and came up with nothing. We are also hoping to set up "courses" for all our co-curricular activities... Thank you!