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Aligned Question Banks to Learning Mastery Gradebook

Question asked by Brad Hollenbeck on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by Jennifer Smith

I have an outcome question that I have been struggling to get answered. One of our professors has a course with a series of five question quizzes and each question is worth one point. The question on the quizzes are pulled from question banks that are aligned with an outcome. Mastery of the outcomes are set at three. My challenge is that even though the question bank is aligned to an outcome and the all questions on the quiz are pulled from the aligned question bank the score from the quiz does not populate to the learning mastery gradebook. My workaround has been to attach a rubric with the outcome to the quiz and manually score the rubric to get the score to the learning mastery gradebook. Any ideas on what I might do to get the quiz score to populate directly to the Learning mastery Gradebook?