Shared Practices: Choosing Training Topics

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How have other K-12 and Higher Ed institutions determined the Canvas features most relevant to their faculty?


Scroll down to read what other institutions included in their onboarding curriculum. If you'd like to share how you selected appropriate training topics, please click "Reply" to share your story!



Here's a list of some things you may consider sharing. Feel free to share any of this information or some entirely different things!


    1. How did you determine the features and functions of Canvas that would be most relevant to your faculty?
    2. What were the critical components you included in the curriculum for faculty training?
    3. What topics did you intentionally avoid during your initial training sessions?
    4. Consider adding a tag somewhere in your response to identify your institution:
      1. Type #k-12 or #higher-ed anywhere in your response, then click the tag suggestion when it appears!