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Canvas and EvaluationKIT - Integration or Upload CSV Files

Question asked by Steve Snider on Oct 26, 2015
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This is really and EvaluationKIT question but thought this community might have some experience with this issue.  We are a new EvaluationKIT user and have just setup the integration with Canvas. Is there a conscientious on whether to populate EvaluationKIT by way of the Canvas integration or upload CSV file?  I'm of a mind to use it as designed and populate it through the LTI tool.  Our PeopleSoft folks are afraid the data will be tainted by someone making a change to a course title or inadvertently adding an instructor.  We are aware that users do add users as instructors when they should really choose course builder or TA.  We notify the schools that they need to be sure all of these aberrant users are removed prior to the evaluation period.