Joe Allen

Need grades that appear in the app and website to have grading period filter

Discussion created by Joe Allen on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by Joe Allen

Our school system has recently started using Grading Periods.  Its a nice feature, but the problem is that the app and the Grades page of the browser view show users an 'aggregate' average, not a grading period average.  In a school system, people want to see how they are doing this grading period, not year long average as that really doesn't mean anything and can actually be harmful if you are focusing on trying to improve for this grading period.  Some have suggested we just adjust our 'terms'  but in a year long course that has grading periods, you have to create a term that reflects a full year, otherwise you'd be enrolling, moving content, etc which doesn't make sense.  Canvas - we really need this functionality ASAP!