Emily Springfield

Is anyone using Canvas for multiple-semester courses?

Discussion created by Emily Springfield on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Stephanie Johnson

We have a number of courses that functionally span 2-3 semesters. Some features:

  • Some activities are required during specific semesters - e.g., you must do Assignment A during Summer.
  • Other activities can be done at any point. Often, you must do three things from a list of 15 things - we care that you did three things in each semester, but don't care which ones you did.
  • A grade must be recorded for each individual semester.


My question is - how would you handle this? Make one course for all three semesters, and set the term to be a full calendar year? Or have separate courses for each semester? Because - and this is key - how do you record the grade for a particular semester if the term is a full calendar year?  We need not just a snapshot of what the grade was at that point in time, but we need to be able to go back to that in later semesters, after other activities have been added, and get an easy view of what had (or had not) been done at the end of, say, Summer semester.


Your thoughts are most welcome!