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Assignments with Multi-Phased-Submissions

Question asked by Thomas Hollinberger on Nov 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by Kona Jones

Can Canvas and Speedgrader do this?:

I would like to create an assignment with the following attributes:

1)  The student's product is a word document, which 'grows' and 'accumulates' as the semester goes along.

2)  Requires three separate submissions, at specific due dates throughout the semester (Progress check #1 on Friday at 5pm of week 3 for 5 points, Progress check #2 on Friday at 5pm of week 8 for 5 points, and a Final submission on Friday at 5pm of week 14 for 40 points).

3)  Progress Check 2 and Final Submissions are also word documents, and can be the original document, updated with additional contents added to it.

4)  Graded with Speedgrader.

5)  When I'm in Speedgrader for Progress Check 2 and the Final Submission, I want to be able to see my previous comments and grades-given for the previous phases / submissions (Progress Checks 1 & 2) of this same assignment by the same student .