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Using natural language for due dates for assignments

Question asked by Sam Denniston on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by Kona Jones

Hi there:


I'd like to ask the community whether they are having a problem with entering due dates using natural language.


When creating an assignment, it used to be that I could enter 'tomorrow' or 'next week'  or 'friday' into the due date field, and the date would be entered. This is very handy behaviour, as it means I don't have to use the date picker and only have to think about how much time I give to a task rather than how much time plus what date that happens to fall on.


This no longer works - when entering 'tomorrow' or 'next week' I get an error stating 'That's not a date!'. If I enter a day, say Thursday, it always puts the date in as 1st Jan 2015.


I haven't got a response on this from support, so am wondering if it is unique to our organisation's install or across the board.