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Copying Discussions - Open but Locked?

Question asked by Kylie Edgecomb on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by Nancy LaChance

Good afternoon,


I was curious if anyone had experienced issues with copying discussions from one course to another.  I have seen two instances where an instructor copied the discussion from a previous course into the new semester course.  The instructor edited the dates to reflect the new semester.  However, when students navigate to the copied discussion, it states the "topic is locked."  After careful review, the dates and times were verified that they should be open (correct date, year, time, etc.).  The workaround has been to create a new discussion in the course and copy the discussion content into the new discussion and add the dates and times again.  So...the copied discussions appear open to the teacher, but students cannot post because they are "locked."