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Stringed Discussions Graded as a Group

Question asked by Patrick Fodor on Nov 2, 2015
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Original Subject Line: How do I set up stringed discussions so that I can grade them as a group, not individually?


I have been, in our previous online delivery system, using multiple stringed discussions per unit. Students are free to answer any or all of these topic strings- either responding to initial questions posed (as a header to each string), or to posts by the instructor or other students in each string. The requirement for full credit is that each student must, by the deadline, post a minimum of three substantive posts to the discussion strings. This can be spread over multiple strings (some units have as many as six, some as few as two), or all to one string- or in whatever combination the student wants, as long as by the end there are at least three substantive postings (as defined in the rubrics given to them) over the whole unit's stringed discussions. I need to be able to grade the whole category of stringed discussions as a single object. The whole conception of this will simply not work if I have to assign grade points to each individual string. At the end of the grade period I manually review each student's entries in all the stringed discussions and assign a single grade for that unit's discussion. How do I do this in Canvas? 


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