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Why do grading periods have to lock?

Question asked by Joe Allen on Nov 3, 2015
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So my institution - 55k students, 8k teachers, and 136k parents have just started using Grading Periods.  So far so good until we just moved from one grading period to another.  We learned the hard way that the grade book for the concluding grading period locks.  Why is this?  In K12, teachers need a few days between the end of the grading period to when report cards come out to add assignments, make modifications, etc.  To have them lock really doesn't make sense.  So if I leave the grading period open, then the assignment for the next grading period are not aligned correctly.  When this was first discovered, we had hundreds of emails from angry teachers as to why they could not edit grades in their grade book.   There is also the case of students with special needs, or for other reasons need grades to be entered well after the close.  We have found that speedgrader is a work around, but that is really too complicated to explain to 8k teachers.  Canvas, please remove the grading period locks as they really don't make much sense, especially in K12.  Thanks.


Other related issues with grading periods that need to be fixed:


  • The Export report in the Gradebook needs a filter by grading period so teachers can get that information
  • The grade summary page that a student or parent observer see need to show the current grading period, not the full year average as that is misleading.
  • The Canvas APP needs to have a grading period filter.  Currently it shows the year long average which is not helpful to students and parents who are only interested in quarter grades, so teachers have to explain that people shouldn't look at the app for grades
  • Many of the reports need a grading period filter along with the term filter.