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Using Apps within Canvas and school web filter

Question asked by Janet Lewis on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Janetta Garton


I want to clarify that I am a Canvas Novice and we are just now trying to get Canvas setup to roll out to students soon.  My frustration level is climbing due to my lack of understanding how all the features are to work within Canvas and I am looking for help from experienced users.  I have searched the community that keeps pointing me back to guides that I have read multiple times. The support teams have been fabulous, no complaints for them, and I am sure it is something on my end that is just not working.


I could have sworn in a training that I understood that apps such as You Tube that are normally blocked due to the school web filter would work within the walls of Canvas. Does anyone use the apps with a school web filter successfully? Did I misunderstand?


I thought I found the answer, when I completed the process for the "whitelist" on the EduApps Center. No luck!


This feature would truly light a fire under the teachers and get them even more excited about using Canvas, but I just cannot make this work.

Any help here is appreciated.