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Stop auto-scrolling in Speedgrader

Question asked by Cory Gheen on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Cory Gheen

Does anyone know how to stop Speedgrader from auto-scrolling to the last interaction spot when grading quizzes and tests? When I setup an exam that has multiple short answer type questions and I have to go in and grade each one the page will automatically scroll to the last question I interacted with when I select the next student to grade. As I have to review every answer on each exam I always end up at the end of the page only to be scrolled down to the bottom when I open the next exam to be graded. Since there is only one button (at the bottom of the page) to save a graded exam, I can't then start the next exam at the bottom and grade up, ending at a save button at the top only to go back down again on the next exam. This would be one way to make this work, but a better way would be to have Speedgrader start each exam at the top, regardless of where I ended on the previous exam. Does anyone know of a setting or fix for this?