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Assignment File Formats-Best Practices

Discussion created by Justin Dubas on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Rachael Sweeten

So I've had students upload assignments without restrictions to the file format, and have found it difficult to get a sense for what file types work best. The assignment I've had the most difficulty with is one that students often do by hand, take a picture of, and submit as a .jpeg or .pdf. Sometimes the file that appears is so small I can't see it, but the image is usually so large I have to shrink the zoom of the window to be able to see the entire .jpeg or .pdf. And either way, there is no way for me to rotate the view as I occasionally need to do. So far, I haven't found any reliable way to get the assignment to show properly with no need to zoom in or out.


I'm trying to see what others have done with assignments that require a file upload. What works, what doesn't?