Joshua Herron

Online attendance and policies

Discussion created by Joshua Herron on Nov 6, 2015

Hi all,

Maybe someone can help with this:

Our office is hoping to gain insight into how other institutions are addressing academic attendance in online courses before implementing an automatic or instructor-initiated withdrawal. The Federal Student Aid Handbook notes that "documenting that a student has logged into an online class is not sufficient ... to demonstrate academic attendance."

Our current policy for online courses varies from 2 days to 3 days depending on the term length before a student is removed from the course.

1) Do you treat failure to access the class and failure to participate in an opening activity differently?

2) What amount of time do you provide for different term lengths?

3) Are there Canvas tools or reports (other than the zero activity report--which I think is just checking logging in) that can help identify students who have not participated in a course?