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What is the best way to manage api tokens?

Question asked by Joshua Swink on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by James Jones

I'm looking for a better way to manage API tokens for our SIS imports. At present they are being generated from a specific account admin's account. There some problems with this system. If that person moves on and their account is disabled, the SIS importer will cease functioning until someone makes new tokens and installs them. Whenever we need an additional token for some purpose, that person is the only one who can provide it... unless we want to have multiple account admins providing tokens, which is even more disorganized.


I attempted to set up an account which was not associated with a human, so that active account admins could masquerade as it. It appears to be impossible to generate API tokens while masquerading, however (the button just doesn't appear).


Does anyone have a system for managing API tokens that is not tied to a specific individual?