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Media Comments on Electronic Submissions

Question asked by Emily Craddock on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by Canvas Admin

I am working with a teacher who would like to create a long media comment while grading a paper in Speedgrader.  She basically reads through their entire paper, making comments and suggestions along the way.  To test out the audio comment feature and ensure it allowed for recordings that were longer, I created a 6 minute recording, which will likely be long enough but I was curious if there was a time limit to the media comment recording or is it just set to go up to 500mb?


Also, I noticed a feature idea was submitted over the summer to move/shrink the audio comment box to see the full paper.  It is now archived but I wanted to check and see if moving or shrinking the media comment box is a possibility?



Emily Craddock