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Phone Notifications

Question asked by Sabine Zabarovska on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by ADETOLA A OYETUGA

We received a phone call from a person who was not even attending our institution. The reason he was calling us was because he wanted to inform us that he was receiving all kinds of notifications from Canvas to his cell phone. This happened because one of our students had added the wrong phone number to their account..but the mystery was how did they confirm the wrong number?

So to further investigate, I chatted with Canvas support. Canvas support told me that the student is able to confirm their phone number without entering the four-character confirmation code.

After the student has entered their phone number but they do not have the phone with them, they are able to confirm the number by clicking on the check mark beside the trash can.


This can cause issues unless Canvas finds a way to search for the phone number to see which student has added the wrong number.


Does anyone else agree?