Glenna Lambert

I would love to be able to transfer files from Google drive DIRECTLY in my Instructor/Course Files :)

Discussion created by Glenna Lambert on Nov 10, 2015
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Problem #1: Over the years, I had multiple versions of practically every document, scattered among various laptops & desktops, until I FINALLY was able to merge and organize everything into Google Drive, so no matter what hardware I'm using or place I am working from, I know I am working with the most updated/current file.

     ... now comes a GREAT program Called CANVAS!       .. but it isn't user friendly for the Special, Leaders of the Short Bus teachers, who resort to sitting in the back and licking a worn, yellow book on File Management for Dummies.



Here is a challenge to all of Instructure's Coding Ninjas!... 


Behind the top-secret, red door where programmers work their magic, please sprinkle your magical code or whatever kind of pixie dust you use all over those "0's & 1's", until you find a way to let the "special teachers" drag & drop our Google Drive files directly into our Instructor/Course Files, rather than having to download every file back onto our laptops just to re-upload them in to each canvas course.    (I just finished getting them off my PC and into Google Drive. *lol)


Please vote for this, if you'd like that feature too!