New Tutorial Video for Crosslisting

Discussion created by on Nov 12, 2015

The Canvas Doc Team has provided Canvas users with a guide on how to cross-list sections in a course but does not have a tutorial video for cross-listing in this community.


I was recently speaking with Ryan Openshaw and he loves the video that  Robbie Grant! created about cross-listing! As this is not one of our core Canvas Video Tutorials, we don't have plans to update it, so it only lives in our old guides right now - Cross-Listing (Video) - Ryan says he frequently refers people to view that old video, and I'm sure there are many others who have leveraged this great resource!


Robbie Grant, are you interested in creating a new version of that video and uploading it here to the Canvas Admins group?  We'd love to direct people to your video, here in the new community, and if possible, see a new video with the updated UI, but even if you have the original video that you created, that would be great to see if you don't have time to create a updated vid. Then you could always update the video with a new version at a later time! (Here's a copy of your script for that old video)


Just click this link if you want to upload your old (or a new version of your) cross-listing video tutorial!!input.jspa?containerID=1055&containerType=700