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Robust User Interface

Question asked by Kelley L. Meeusen Champion on Nov 16, 2015
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Contrary to what appears to be a common belief, not all Canvas admins are computer geeks. Most of us did not need those skills in the prior LMSs we migrated from - everything was done through the UI. Many of us, myself included, are becoming more geeky because those skills are helpful for Canvas admins, but we are not up to speed with the data management skills that appear to be needed for Canvas Data. It would be very nice if the Canvas Data Portal also included a UI to view and download the data files in a format we can easily work with like Excel.


At our campus We are working with an IT person from our state system, and he had difficulty even accessing the text files in that obscure zip format used, and get it into Excel, and still needs to apply the data definitions to create a useful report - and he is a geek.


I know that the Canvas Data Portal was tested in Beta, but I strongly suspect that the beta testers 1) had extra support from Instructure, and we a tad bit more geeky than I am.


My new slogan: "Data for the rest of us!"


That is my question - will there be improvements to the Canvas Data Portal to make it more user friendly for the rest of us?