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message attachment through notification

Question asked by Cynthia Hollingsworth on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by Elizabeth (Online Learning) Jackson

Hi All --here's the situation:


A student sends the instructor a Conversation message with an attached Word document. The instructor reads it, not in Canvas, but in her Outlook as a notification from Canvas. She downloads the attachment and edits it in Word using track changes. The Canvas notification message in Outlook indicates that she can "reply to this message in Canvas by replying directly to this email." So she replies and attaches a copy of the EDITED Word document.


The student receives a reply in Canvas Messages from the instructor with an attachment. The tracked changes are no longer there and it is the original document.


Question: is the instructor expecting too much from multiple systems to expect the changes to be there, or is this a bug that should be addressed?


Thanks for any insight and assistance.