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Signing of Evaluation forms

Discussion created by Brian Marum on Nov 19, 2015
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Our students have to fill out evaluation forms as part of their studies.  They are often out in work experience and use these forms to communicate with their teacher.  The forms are sent back and forth between teacher and student during the work experience period.  At the end, the forms are signed by the student, their work experience coordinator and by their teacher.  They are then sent to the admin department to be approved and archived.


At the moment the forms are created as a PDF, posted on Canvas as an assignment.  The student downloads the PDF to their iPad and they use an app called PDF Expert to fill out the form.   The forms are then emailed to their teacher.  We don't use SpeedGrader as it isn't possible to add a signature in SpeedGrader.


We wonder if there is a possibility of doing the whole process in Canvas instead?  Would welcome any suggestions!