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Anyone know how to embed a HTML5 activity into an iframe?

Question asked by Cindy Masek on Nov 23, 2015
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I have a Raptivity activity that I can insert on a content page and which students can open by clicking on, but it doesn't make for a great experience because it is in effect opening a file - which is then a dead end.  Since this is for use in the very beginning of an introduction about how to use Canvas I really don't want them to go to a dead end without knowing what to do next.  Hopefully they would know to use the back button, but that just isn't good design.  So I'm wondering if there isn't a way for the activity to play inside an iframe?  Of if not that, a way to send them back to the page they started on or have the file open in a new window? I tried clicking on the link icon to see if it would give me the option to open in a new window and it didn't.  Ideas anyone?