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Canvas Terms of Service and Use

Question asked by Mel Gibson on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Mel Gibson

Hello Canvas Community,


I'm a third semester student at Coconino Community College and I have question regarding the potential liability of content relative to Canvas Instructure terms of service and the constitutional rights concerning  freedom of expression.



Please see the following screen captures of my profile:


Canvas Capture Top.PNG

Canvas Capture middle.PNG

Canvas Capture bottom.PNG

Canvas Capture Links.PNG



I should like to add that I have since update my profile with a legal disclaimer which reads:


(**disclaimer: Any participation in 'getting naked', 'partying' or 'FTW' related activity MUST be in accordance with all applicable Institutional, city, state and federal laws and/or guidelines. The quotes, comments, music videos and/or website links, as well as any opinions expressed on this page are neither implied, endorsed or representative of Coconino Community College, Canvas Instructure or their affiliates. Any requests for removal of content should be sent to <meldgibson1970@gmail> as well as all pertinent legal regulations contesting publication. Additionally, I do not own nor am I seeking monetary or other benefit from the publication of this material. All information is posted in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which regulates freedom of expression of beliefs and ideas.)


I have also sent this information to the Instructure legal team for examination.

Additionally, I have changed the profile picture to an open/free domain generic image.


I really appreciate the canvas format and enjoy expanding on the platform to express

ideas, quotes, music and website link content to enhance the BIOGRAPHICAL dimensions

of my college profile!


Please let me know what you think. All criticism, however harsh is greatly appreciated!


Sincerely, Mel D. Gibson