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Questions about getting up and running with Canvas Data

Question asked by awilliams Administrator on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by James Jones

I have been working with one of our Analyst in Institutional Research to try and get our data into database software we can work with to start evaluating what all is there and what we can do with it. For background, we are on the free tier. With that said, hopefully, someone can help me provide her with some information she is seeking. Here's her latest list of things she thinks we need to get up and running. (I am wondering if she found and followed instructions for the paid tier with data hosted in Amazon Redshift.)




Finally got some time to dig into this!

I have located and downloaded the necessary ODBC drivers for Amazon Redshift.


To actually get this going we will need:


1.       Server – this is the cluster configuration connection string

2.       Database – name of the redshift database

3.       User – login name

4.       Password

5.       SSL Authentication mode.  Probably either

a.       Verify-ca

b.      Verify-full

6.       Data Type Options (these are the defaults)

a.       Unicode – enabled

b.      Show Boolean Column as String – enabled

c.       Text as LongVarChar – enabled

d.      Max Varchar – 255

e.      Max LongVarChar – 8190

f.        Max Bytea - 255


They may also have advice about which one of these options is preferred:

·         Single Row Mode

·         Use Declare/Fetch

·         Use Multiple Statements

·         Retrieve Entire Result into Memory