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API user creation for sub-account not working

Question asked by Eric Kornmeyer on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by juan shu

I'm hooking into the wordpress registration to create a user account in Canvas at the same time. In the POST URL I am specifying the ID of the sub-account, but the user gets created into the main account instead. Also, the confirmation email that gets sent to the user contains the instructure link to the main account when it needs to be the sub-account link as they are completely different.


wp_remote_post( '', $args );


3 is the ID of the sub-account. 1 is the ID of the main account. Why is this happening?


An add-on question to the above: Is there any way to customize the register / confirmation emails that get sent to the user? They are very plain and I would like to add some content of my own and be able to brand it as well.