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Adding groups to a course

Question asked by Nathan Thirlby on Nov 30, 2015

Hi All,


I'm just in the planning stages of our implementation. I'm just looking at the groups feature in regards to courses and sub-accounts. We have a structure like the following;


Root Account

-Course A

-Course B

--Sub-Account A

--Course C

--Course D


We will have a lot of users in this system and i'm trying to think of ways to make it easy for our admins. We have come over from It's Learning where there was a feature called hierarchy synchronisation which allowed all users in an account/sub-account be automatically added to a course.


In the structure above, i would like all users underneath the root account to be added to Course A automatically. This includes users that may have created in sub-account A.


The Groups functionality seems very limited, but I'm hoping I'm wrong.