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Creating Physics Assignments in Canvas

Question asked by Adams Isaac- PHS on Dec 1, 2015



This is my first time posting here. Yay, new things!


I have been using Canvas quizzes as homework assignments in my Physics and Engineering classes. I love that I can create assignments that have ranged variables and that students can check their work with.


However, this system has its faults. First, it's not possible for a student to check their answer on a single problem. They have to submit the entire "assignment" before they find out that they have done it incorrectly. Which leads to my second problem with this: when students attempt to resubmit the assignment, they get new generated numbers. It would be nice if the generated numbers would stick to the student permanently.


It would be awesome if Canvas could create an assignment category for this. Has anyone else used another Canvas tool to accomplish this?


Thanks for your thoughts or suggestions in advance. My current system is functional, but the problems make it difficult for students to want to do the work.


Mr. Adams