Additional Student Fields

Discussion created by jjordan@xcp.org on Dec 1, 2015
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Hello fellow K12s,

I was wondering if we have asked for additional data fields yet (aka: user defined fields) from Instructure?  As our high school campus transitions to full Canvas usage (this is our 1st year), we slowly depart from our old gradebook/attendance web application from our SIS.  We still need it to take attendance there, but the gradebook is only needed for end of quarter total grade (we use multiple grading periods) now.  That old trusty web application also gave our Teachers additional demographic data on our students and they have been asking for that.  I would love to have additional user defined fields that we control, to add to our import process.  Additionally, the appropriate permissions to control access to these user defined fields (using existing course/account roles).  Have we asked for this before?