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Question asked by William Cooper on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by Kona Jones

We use department-wide rubrics for our major assignments (which are linked to University assessment, but that's neither here nor there).


For each category of rubric we have 4 ratings, "Excellent", "Very Good", "Acceptable", and "Needs Work".  For most categories, these ratings carry a point range--so if Category 1 is worth 25 points, "Excellent" would allow 22-25 points.  If one enters a point score other than the maximum score in a rating, however, ALL of the verbiage in the range vanishes--the student does not see any of it.


Is there currently a way to make sure that the language is preserved, and then allow us in addition to indicate why they didn't get full marks for that category.

For example, the first category for an Informative Essay is "Communication Concepts, Source Quality, & Utilization". 


The excellent rating for that category is "At least 5 external sources are incorporated. Sources are of a high quality and connect well to the points being made. Quotations are used sparingly and only when necessary. Required communication concepts are fully and accurately applied and supported throughout the essay."


A student might receive a "22" in this category if, say, one of the sources were of OK or poor quality or the connection was a reach.  If I award a 22, however, all the verbiage disappears, and it rather defeats the purpose to have me copy and paste it all back in.