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Do students see Announcements when course is copied preparing for the next semester?

Question asked by lhenning on Dec 4, 2015
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This is the end of my first semester in Canvas and just copied over my first two courses from their Fall 2015 instances to the new, unpublished Spring 2016 shells.  I have a problem and need some help...


Here's what happened:


I copied my first course with all its content into a new shell with a course duration that begins in January 2016 (Spring).  After the course copy, the Spring 2016 class was published automatically and all the announcements I created in the fall were dumped into my Dashboard.  This Jan 2016 course was not published prior to the course copy nor did I ever set it to publish. The Announcements were all set to be released beginning Jan 2016 through May 2016.


I didn't want the second course I copied from Fall 2015 to Spring 2016 published, so I selected which content to copy: I chose all content except course settings.  The good news is the Spring 2016 course did not automatically publish (thank goodness!) but, once again, all 51 Announcements I created in the Fall 2015 section from where my course copy originated. The Announcements were all set to be released beginning Jan 2016 through May 2016.


Here are my questions:


  • Did any of my Spring 2016 students see those announcements? (The course durations were both set prior to course copy and both begin in January.)
  • Why are all the announcements getting dumped into my Dashboard?
  • How do I copy those courses without having the announcements getting dumped upon me in my Dashboard all at once?  Yes, I want to keep them all.  (I have four more classes to copy and as there is no 'remove all' tool, that is one click per announcement. All told, that will be about 300 announcements.  Doesn't sound like much effort, but it is not time spent that is value-added...)


Help, please!


My thanks,