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Quizzes:  question numbers

Question asked by Carol Kominski on Dec 2, 2015
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In a student analysis report on a graded quiz, what do the question numbers mean?  Can I search item banks by question number?  In an exam, can I tag questions by the item pool they came from?


Is there a way of tagging each question by topic within an exam other than including this information in the item stem?


Basic issue:  I'm dealing with a 50+ item final exam taken from different quiz banks.  Each quiz bank pertains to a different topic and all the questions from the different quiz banks were mixed and presented in randomized order for each student.  When I ask for a quiz statistics report, I get no question numbers at all.  With a student analysis report, I get 5 digit question numbers beside the stem of each question.  I'd like to sort student data by module and easily determine which quiz bank (module) the questions came from.


Thank you.