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Suggestions for giving quizzes to large courses?

Question asked by Glen Parker on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by Stefanie Sanders

Hi all,


We have had a couple courses this semester (440 students, 630 students) that tried to deploy a quiz ( 40 questions, various question types, one at a time).    They were trying to mimic the simultaneous deployment you get in classes by enforcing a narrow window in which the students can take the quiz, and the quiz takes up most of the available time (2 hour quiz, available 7:30-9:30am)


The result of this was a mess.    Working with Canvas, we determined that there were database locks happening on the quiz object. 


We figure that we can resolve this by spreading out the start time of the quiz, allowing more time to start & complete the quiz, thus reducing contention on the particualr database object while the quiz is being generated.


Other than Canvas fixing their quiz system, any other tips for deploying quizzes to very large courses?


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Support for large courses deploying quizzes in a narrow timeframe




Thanks <Glen