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accessing info from removed courses (which have ended)

Question asked by Constancia Wendt on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by Chris Long

Today, we got this blurb in an email:


After the end date, all student information within a course (online assignments, uploaded assignments, quiz scores) is removed and not accessible.  It is very important that as teachers resolve grades and/or incomplete grades, they understand that student data within a Canvas course will no longer be accessible.  In addition, teachers may choose to change the date manually for each course beyond the January 15 deadline.


This is something new for us, due to the fact that we used to hand-create our courses, but they are now Power-School created, apparently. Before, info from ended courses was still accessible to us; now, we are told that it won't be. I do plan to change the date manually, but still am not clear on a couple of things.


My colleagues and I often go back and data delve, looking for percentages on specific questions or assessments. I can also see the need to look up a student's scores, should that ever come into question. I would like to know if having the course number on hand will help either our techs OR Canvas techs restore data or the course itself, should there be an issue once the course is removed or inaccessible to me.


Any other insight, of course, would be welcome!