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Account-level Default grading scheme (& determination)

Question asked by Lee Doughty on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by Peter Hanley

Hello everyone,


    I'm a new Canvas Admin for my university, and I'm trying to find an answer that doesn't seem to be available online anywhere. Help would be appreciated.


   We have 4 "Grading Schemes" on the account level set up. When an instructor sets up their course, they click the checkbox: "Enable course grading scheme" and some move on without clicking the "set a grading scheme" link that appears.


This leads to these courses having a default grading scheme that is not the institution standard. However, we can find no way to "set" the institution standard, nor any documentation on how it determines this default value.


As you can guess, this has lead to a lot of trouble for us as we're coming up on grade export time and we did not realize this problem until now... So I have 2 questions:

1) What is the "Default Grading Scheme" -- as in, how does canvas decide which one is the 4 schemes we have in place is the default if the user makes no scheme selection? I thought, at first, that it might be the one that can't be edited, but that's not the case.

2) Is the API calling the only non-manual way to resolve this across the entire institution?


I see setting an account-level default was proposed in the past as an enhancement:

Default Grading Schemes at the Account Level

This seems to be the exact thing I was hoping to find, but looks like that proposal didn't make it.



Thanks for any guidance you all can provide.