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Instructor crocodoc comments (annotations) not visible

Question asked by Barb Bradley on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by Stefanie Sanders

Hello.  I just finished grading a writing assignment in SpeedGrader using Crocodoc.  I put comments in the document, in the rubric and a general comment in the box under the rubric.  I submitted the comments (blue submit button) and moved on to the next student.  I then learned from another instructor that some of her comments were lost after grading when she went back in to check something.  So, I went back in to look and some of my annotations were not there either!  I tried deleting the score from the rubric box (not within the rubric) and putting in a comment (annotation) and then reinserting the rubric score, saving it and then hitting the blue "submit comments" box.  There was no green indication that anything was being saved and in fact it wasn't!  When I went to the next student and returned to the first student, the annotations weren't there!  Help.  I don't want to redo all my annotations!