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Cross listing from active course to inactive, and assignments

Question asked by on Dec 7, 2015
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I'm getting asked by our staff about the feasibility of moving students between courses, specifically from one 'version' of a course to another. They'd want to keep their grades and most importantly, their assignments. A CSV upload would not move their assignments, hence I'm wondering about cross-listing.


I have two questions:


1. Firstly, the guide (How do I cross-list a section in a course? -- see quote below) says that cross-listing should not be done in an active course. Does this mean the course the students start off in as well? I ask because it seems that people have been cross-listing from active courses, when I peruse the community...

Note: Only cross-list inactive courses. Do not cross-list active courses. If you cross-list active courses, assignment submissions and grades will be removed and may not be recoverable.

2. Secondly, are assignment submissions moved to the new course?